200-200-adam-krimAdam Krim – Vice President, Sales & Business Development & Marketing

Adam is a serial entrepreneur and architect of visionary ventures that are in “right alignment” with an evolving culture and economy that enhances quality of life for all of the planet’s citizens and for the Earth itself.

  • Wharton business school graduate, marrying business and marketing leadership and savviness with social consciousness
  • Co-founder of The Confluence, a digital PR firm that works closely with several national and international transformational festivals, lifestyle brands, Fortune 500 clients and funded startups
  • Board member of C2C Marketing (which he co-founded), a fast growing performance marketing company with offices in Las Vegas, Hong Kong and the Philippines

Adam is a global community builder with a passion for motivating people to pursue their dreams and facilitating connections and experiences that will bring those dreams to fruition. He sees the PoEM Foundation as a perfect vehicle for his talents, connection and spirit.

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