Dedicated Giving

How you can support The PoEM

There are several ways to support The PoEM financially.

Choose the program below that you would most like to support:

African mother with child

PoEM Outreach

When you pay it forward, so do we. Support the full range of aligned projects that we create and curate.

The Dignity Project

Dignity is foundational to miracles. Let us inspire, engage and empower as many people as possible, on a global scale, to reclaim dignity for all of humanity and our planet.

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Serene pastoral scene

PoEM Wisdom

Focusing the Miracle Lens on the wisdom and work of Mynoo Maryel, The PoEM’s Wisdom Initiative brings forth miracles through personal growth and transformation.

PoEM Wellbeing

The PoEM’s Wellbeing Initiative is engaged in bringing both the message and the experience of full-spectrum wellbeing to the real world, through our PoEM Centers.

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PoEM Innovation

The PoEM Innovation Initiative gathers the game-changers to change the game through our PoEM Institute. Greening India and Garbage Into Gold are our key projects.

If our initiatives have sparked something inside you, and you’re moved to become more actively engaged with us and our work, our Circle Membership options are described here: