PoEM Innovation

The PoEM Institute: Gathering the game-changers, changing the game

Restoring harmony to people and planet

How does humanity become optimally healthy, happy and free?

How can we truly thrive as a species, and while doing so, leave our planet better than we found it?

How do we access and activate our real potential, our innate genius?

How do we live the lives of purpose and contribution that each of us is meant to live, celebrating our uniqueness and sharing our gifts while in harmony with one another and our environment?

The PoEM Innovation initiative is dedicated to living the solutions to these questions, and to applying them, very pragmatically, out in the real world.

Our overarching intention with the initiative is to put the wind beneath the wings of what we like to call, Bucky Fuller-style, trimtab people and trimtab projects. (A trimtab is a tiny lever that can turn a giant ship.) Specifically, we intend to gather, support, magnify and multiply brilliant, practical innovations and the brilliant, practical people behind them.

As a global initiative of innovation for good, the mandate of The PoEM Institute is to gather the game-changers, wherever in the world they are, and to assist them in accelerating the change they’re both being and bringing.

The Institute’s focus is on applied, impactful innovation; on offering a rapid, real-world-solutions orientation to challenges and on evolving the new models and metrics essential to benefiting humanity and the planet.

There’s been a tremendous increase in innovation in the world, especially at the present time, and much of it is tremendously inspiring. What appears to be missing, however, is the connective tissue that brings it together, combining people and projects in meaningful ways. This is the role we intend for ourselves: to create playgrounds for positive change, facilitating collaboration and sparking the kind of creativity that’s required now, in service to the global commons. This rising tide really can lift all boats.

Thus our Innovation initiative centers on The PoEM Institute, our collaboration platform, symposia and summits for game-changers, ongoing applied research, curriculum development and an awards program that celebrates full-spectrum solutions. We produce and host new-era think tanks and makerthons, we create media and we conduct R&D in new ways.

Projects-wise, our initial focus is on our GREENING INDIA DEMONSTRATOR PROJECT, which shows how, by applying a synergistic set of approaches to land restoration and green, regenerative building practices, we can accelerate the process of remediating functional ecosystems, reversing soil degradation, creating water and food security for the people and securing regional abundance for the community.

Through this template project, we wish to demonstrate that the restoration can take place far more rapidly than was previously understood.

The Demonstrator will be the centerpiece of a forthcoming Regional Abundance/Soil and Water Summit, and will feed our Garbage Into Gold series.