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Pathways to Miracles • Dignity for All

Why Now, More Than Ever, is Our Moment

Humanity stands at a crossroads, facing a sudden escalation of social, economic, and environmental challenges, worldwide.

What is required to resolve them?

Wise, cooperative, practical action, laser-focused on the wellbeing of all.

It is high time that we activate our truest potential as a creative, connected species: to come together and leave our world better than we found it.


By remembering that we are humanity. And that together, we can and do make miracles happen.

Now is the moment —our moment— to do precisely that. For our world. As one world.

Introducing The PoEM Foundation

Born from the heart of our founder and visionary Mynoo Maryel as she emerged from a profound spiritual awakening, the core activity of The PoEM Foundation is to make miracles the new norm.

Yes, miracles. The kinds of miracles that we all knew, as

children, were real. They were right there for us, in every moment, just awaiting our delighted discovery. And now is the moment for us to rekindle this way of being in ourselves, for ourselves, and for our world.

At The PoEM, we believe that accepting and expecting miracles is the fertile ground from which our innate potentials will blossom.

That is why every initiative in which the Foundation engages is intentionally designed to create pathways to miracles, positively transforming humanity and our relationships with each other.

What brings forth a world where such pathways are everywhere, easy for everyone to find?

Dignity. The dignity of humanity, and the dignity of all life on our planet.

We don’t generally leap from survival mode straight into miracle mode. Dignity is the keystone, fundamental to all human happiness and fulfillment. Where it has been lost or laid down, there is suffering. Where it is present, we can flourish; all becomes possible. The good news is, dignity can always, always be reclaimed.

And miracles will always follow, once it is.


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