PoEM Trust Office Bearers – India

The PoEM Foundation is registered in India under the Indian Trust Act 1882, under Article 64 (Certification No IN-DL781639837514000, registration date 1st Aug 2016). We are a tax-exempt NGO under sections 12A and 80G of the Indian revenue code.

We are honoured to have the following Office Bearers:

  • Vibha Bhatnagar – Managing Trustee
  • Mynoo Blackbyrn – President
  • Krishna Kumar V – Secretary
  • Sadhna Srivastava – Joint Secretary
  • Shubha Sandeep – Treasurer
  • Sandeep Wal – Trustee Member
  • Smita Sandeep Wal – Trustee Member
  • Dr. Balram Datwani – Trustee Member
  • JP Parker – Overseas Trustee Board Member

PoEM Trustees – United Kingdom

The PoEM Foundation is also a registered charity in the United Kingdom under the Charities Act 2011 (Certification No 10202955, registration date 27th May 2016).

Our Trustees for The PoEM Foundation in the UK are:

  • Surabhi Bhatnagar
  • Balram Dayaram Datwani