Dignity for All

For Humanity and The Planet

The overarching intention for all our initiatives is to fuel The PoEM as a movement, creating pathways to miracles and fostering a new awareness of human and planetary dignity. To that end, Dignity for All is a worldwide campaign that brings our collective focus back to reclaiming our dignity, re-establishing it as a birthright.

Advancing the cause of dignity by “gifting it forward,” The PoEM also operates as a social enterprise, supporting standout programs whose participants have already chosen to embrace miracles in their lives, often having overcome massive challenges. All contributions to PoEM initiatives automatically benefit Dignity Project partners we have selected worldwide, organizations and programs that restore dignity to people and to the environment.

We are focusing our attention initially in India, in the areas of enhancing wellbeing for Paralympian athletes who are transcending physical challenges, as well as providing nutritious meals to the courageous children who work during the day and attend school at night. We are also restoring dignity to natural habitats by supporting the restoration and rejuvenation of soil health, as well as purity to the planet’s bodies of water.

Projects to Revitalize People

Projects to Rejuvenate Our Planet and Its Environments


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