PoEM Centers

Restoring dignity through full-spectrum wellbeing

We are developing a 200,000 square foot, Full-Spectrum Wellbeing Centre in India.

We believe that in order for humanity to realize our full potential and to operate at our optimum capacity, we must be firing on all our jets. Hence, the PoEM is bringing forth both the message and cultivating the experience of what we call full-spectrum wellbeing.

Full-spectrum wellbeing goes beyond mere “wellness”; it is an optimized, integrated approach to bringing about optimum function and flow in all the aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental.

Through creating our first centre, the flagship centre in India, we will form a template for additional facilities in other parts of the world.

Our center uses materials and architecture that are sustainable, and the very fabric of the building also enhances wellness. It features our own protocols as well as our carefully curated network of visiting doctors and healing masters from around the world. It hosts an AYUSH clinic (Ayurveda, Yoga and naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy) as well as preventive and diagnostic technologies that are breaking new ground in Europe and Asia.

For this initiative, we are accepting contributions that can fund the construction of the center, from as little as one square foot to any larger-sized portion. We have already received blessings from the Minister of AYUSH for this vision and more support will follow, based on the growing knowledge, appreciation and support for full-spectrum wellbeing, as a message and as a mission.

We will operate these centers on a Pay-It-Forward model, where clients’ contributions make care possible for those of lesser means.

Over the past four years we have:

  • Developed a POEM Wellness Framework and protocols that specifically target heart disease, digestive disorders, anxiety and depression and aging
  • Established a network of powerful healers and integrated medical doctors who will form a part of our visiting masters series
  • Created an architectural model for a vitality destination with specific designs that support zero waste whilst accelerating wellness
  • Developed building and construction materials that enhance health and vitality
  • Developed furnishings, paints and tiles that enhance wellness just by using them
  • Developed a range of products that transform the quality of water, replenish missing minerals and naturally enhance beauty and radiance
  • Selected some of the most effective diagnostic and preventive technologies that pinpoint exactly what requires to be treated and what is required to sustain the benefits post treatment