Our vision is to live in a world where miracles are the norm. So, to bring this vision into reality, our mission is twofold. We serve by
  • Illuminating pathways to miracles
  • Restoring dignity to people and planet
How do we get there? By creating global hubs and local centers, to:
  • optimize and strengthen full-spectrum wellbeing
  • advance regenerative and generative development
  • foster the applied research, development and advancement of practical innovation
  • cultivate our unique and innate gifts as human beings and
  • harmonize our relationships, with ourselves, with each other and with our world
As an organization, we are a stand for:
  • Responsibly stewarding our planetary resources, whilst simultaneously expanding and elevating our human ones (this means magnifying our innate gifts, talents and capacities, individually and collectively)
  • Modeling harmony within ourselves, among ourselves, and with our planet
  • Supporting and promoting humanitarian and environmental innovation
  • Providing effective wellbeing education and training
Life is a miracle! Please join us in celebrating it.
At The PoEM, we believe in a world of dignity: a world where all people are gratefully, joyfully engaged in enriching their own lives, the lives of their fellow human beings, and life on Earth.

The PoEM Foundation is the global vehicle for The PoEM movement, dedicated to making miracles the new norm.

May all of us, all over the world, enjoy fulfilling lives of wellbeing, vitality and joy.