About Us

Life is a miracle! Please join us in creating pathways to miracles, and dignity for all

The PoEM, The Palace of Extraordinary Miracles, is a movement. It’s a movement about miracles.

Our intent is to serve as both nexus and vehicle for the movement to grow worldwide, enriching lives —and life, as a whole— on this planet.

Our foundation exists to bless and benefit human beings, from individuals to communities to cultures, and to cultivate harmony and right relationship with the greater ecosystems of which we are a part.

Our initiatives emerge from a deep knowing that, as humanity, we belong in this fundamental continuum of interdependence, and that we have a powerful, beneficial role to play in it.

It is time.

We are indeed the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Our Guiding Principles


Dignity for All” is core to our delivering on our mission; it is foundational to the realization of miracles. It is the key to the Palace gates.

Now we can neither give dignity to someone, nor can we take it from them; it is innate. However, it can be laid down, especially when we’ve believed things about ourselves or others that are simply not true. We can always rewrite the story by co-creating a culture of respect and honour that transcends our differences. People will reclaim the dignity they felt they’d lost, and all becomes possible again.


When we bring our awareness to the moment, our willful minds relax and step out of the way, allowing us to reconnect with our hearts and re-engage with the perfection and beauty that is always already here. The abundance of riches in everything that surrounds us becomes obvious, and we cannot help but become grateful. And the more we become aware of in the moment, the more that gratitude expands Gratitude is a perspective and a practice. Gratitude is the key to peace.


It is often said that what we resist, persists. The converse is also the case: what we accept, once we accept it as so, can transform. The map is not the territory, and the destination, no matter how beautiful, is not the journey. So we practice unconditional acceptance of what is, as a prerequisite to being and embodying the change we wish to see in the world.


Now more than ever, we are interconnected across all aspects of our collective lives. The global commons is front and center stage, particularly biologically, socially and spiritually. It is time to transcend ideas of zero-sum games and competing for “scarce” resources, and embrace what is possible when we operate as a connected, compassionate, creative species. We approach this new and expanding world of collaboration and cross-pollination with patience and kindness, mindful that most of us are still learning the elements of this new language.