Pathways to Miracles Dignity for All

Given that the core activity of The PoEM is to make miracles the new norm, every Foundation initiative is intentionally designed to create pathways to miracles.

We are actively engaged in sharing wisdom, championing positive transformation and creating experiences and environments that enable self-liberation, renewed vitality and choice.

Individually, and collectively.

Our three main pathways, our key initiatives are:

  • PoEM Wisdom: Self-liberation and self-actualization
    Beginning with the wisdom and work of our founder and visionary, MYNOO MARYEL
  • PoEM Wellbeing: Full-spectrum wellbeing
    Centers that give us the experience of moving beyond wellness, into firing on all our human jets: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental
  • PoEM Innovation: Collaborative, solutions-focused positive change
    Our PoEM Institute, connecting and illuminating the brilliant projects and people who are already bringing the miracles forward for the world.

Our Initiatives

Wisdom - Wellbeing - Innovation

PoEM Wisdom

Through profound teachings and transformational experiences, PoEM Wisdom

PoEM Wellbeing

Beginning with our first Full-spectrum Wellbeing Center in India, our Wellbeing initiative

PoEM Innovation

By gathering the game-changers to change the game, The PoEM Institute integrates,

The Dignity Project

Opening to the possibility of miracles requires, first and foremost, that dignity is in place. Gifting it forward, we select, curate and support a range of aligned projects that

The PoEM Model

The overarching intention for all our initiatives is to fuel The PoEM as a movement, which creating pathways to miracles and fostering a new awareness of human and planetary dignity. To that end,