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Restoring Dignity through releasing and empowering dignity within all of us.

Our specific focus will be on providing transformational education to 200 million people worldwide, who will then become catalysts and influencers for massively multiplying the effect of increasing dignity and improving lives on a global scale. 

This is a very ambitious goal, but we are already making exciting steps towards making this a reality.

We are actively working on a TV documentary and a 13-part series on the PoEM Wisdom and Projects around the world on the American PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) broadcast network, and via Aastha TV in India.

PBS has already approved airtime in 2017-18 for this project, and we are in discussions with Aastha for programming with them. We will be able to touch the lives of over 200 million viewers through a carefully planned and syndicated distribution strategy and collaborations.

The impact of PBS is huge, as it reaches 98% of the US audience, with a total of 130 million viewers. The PBS mission is to engage educate and inspire their audiences. Therefore, it is a very strong platform for sharing the PoEM wisdom with the world, as it was for the late Dr Wayne Dyer, making him a household name for the past several decades.

In terms of progressing this exciting project, we are working with award-winning conscious wellness TV producer Darla Boone on this PoEM documentary and series in 2017.

This program and series will be funded jointly by PBS and the PoEM Foundation, as per the standard PBS underwriting model. Subject to this funding from PBS and the PoEM, Darla has already been given the green light from PBS to proceed on this project, with airtime already approved, and she is currently working on a detailed proposal.

Darla knows Mynoo’s work and resonates with it very highly, and she is very excited about the Dignity Project. She sees this collaboration as an exciting way to advance Mynoo’s wisdom teachings and the Dignity Project, plus the collaborative production and promotion of further online and in-person transformational seminars, retreats and programs.

In a similar manner, we will create broadcast content with India’s Aastha TV, which fulfills the spiritual needs of the worldwide Asian Indian community spread across the globe, covering the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America.

We will also continue to promote and share all PoEM wisdom online via MynooMaryel.com. This wisdom will include the above TV programs, plus all the existing Mynoo Maryel transformational programs, retreats, books (twenty more in the pipeline) etc.

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